A full-stretch semi-dry suit (with back zip) that virtually eliminates water entry and uses the latest neoprene laminates to provide 4-way stretch.
FULL-STRETCH DONE RIGHT. Full-stretch suits are not new. However, a full-stretch suit that combines legendary anatomicallycorrect patterning for a 3D shape, premium components like a colormatched G-lock zipper and superior construction and graphics, stops the press. The BARE ELASTEK wetsuit line utilizes the latest in neoprene laminates that provide uninhibited fl exibility and stretch with a silky-soft feel that won’t be felt in any other suit. Place the BARE ELASTEK side by side any competing wetsuit and you will not only be able to feel the difference, you’ll see it too.

Our suit has a 3D shape that demonstrates our dedication to craftsmanship, while the competition will look quite fl at. This shaping is key in elevating your comfort and keeping stress loads on seams to a minimum. Take a closer look at the detailing of the ELASTEK: color-accented seams, glossy 3D inks, sublimated graphics, stainless-steel zipper pull, new and more fl exible FORMTEK kneepads…the list goes on. If you are a diver that appreciates the details in design and desires unbelievable stretch, this is your next suit.

- 3mm neoprene comfort fit neck seal for comfort and durability
- BDM dry zipper on shoulder
- Anatomically correct pattern for three dimensional fit throughout
- Set-in sleeve design for superior comfort and mobility
- Inner elbow flex panels
- Skin-in 5mm GLIDESEAL wrist and ankle seals
- FORMTEK lower leg protection
- Double glued with SECURE-LOCK construction
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