With exceptional water blocking features, this semi-dry includes skin-to-skin GLIDESKIN seals and a cross chest TIZIP MasterSeal water resistant zipper that virtually eliminate water entry keeping you warm and comfortable.
THE RIGHT STRETCH IN THE RIGHT PLACE. What makes the Velocity Series of wetsuits special is the combination of three different full-stretch material types. We call this concept PROGRESSIVE FULL-STRETCH and it is only available in the Velocity Series. It all starts with BARE-FIT, which is the foundation of every BARE suit. BARE-FIT uses ergonomic suit design involving complex shaped patterns with articulated arms and legs. From there, zones associated with performance within the suit are selected. Then, proven full-stretch fabrics are chosen from various prototypes that have been tested for years. By placing the different fabrics in particular panels of the suit, the Velocity Series delivers exceptional fit, feel and performance.
- Attached 8mm vented hood with 5mm skin-in face seal
- Cross chest TIZIP MasterSeal water resistant zipper
- 2mm N2S neoprene internal pullover bib
- Seamless underarms for superior comfort
- 10mm spine and kidney pad
- Skin-to-skin double 3mm GLIDESKIN wrist and ankle seals
- Embossed back knee flex panels
- PROTEKT knee protection provides the next generation of abrasion and wear resistance
- Anatomically correct pattern for three dimensional fit throughout
- Double glued and SECURE-LOCK stitched
- All of the above features are designed to minimize water entry and increase warmth
- Гарантия
- 8mm neoprene torso with 7mm arms and legs (PROGRESSIVE FULL-STRETCH neoprene)

- Incorporates our newly advanced PROGRESSIVE FULL-STRETCH technology. This technology uses the latest in full-stretch neoprene by placing varying degrees of full-stretch panels into specific performance zones of the suit improving fit, feel, comfort and overall performance
- PROTEKT knee protection provides the next generation of abrasion and wear resistance

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