Innovations for Tech, but ready for Rec. The X-Mission is a perfect drysuit for the recreational diver who wants the best, or for the advanced technical diver. The X-Mission's lightweight and durable Nylon Ripstop material makes it great for travel and demanding cold water environments.
This innovative suit was designed using our most advanced technical materials and construction methods and purpose-built in partnership with a team of cave/technical divers to meet their demaning requirements and needs.
A Drysuit Mission

Exploring deeper than the recreational limits, further into that cave than anyone has been before or exploring ill-fated shipwrecks are things of which adventures are made. Technical diving is drawing more and more divers, and to bring them back home safely, they depend heavily on their equipment.

Exposure protection is high up on the list for technical divers. A technical diver whose temperature is comfortable and body protected is better equipped to think about the process of diving.

While BARE has a more than one drysuit model capable of the task, we asked ourselves “Can we do better? Do our drysuits meet all the needs of technical divers?” Those questions inspired us, and thus the X-Mission was born.

The X-Mission Drysuit, simply put, is purpose built to handle any mission. This innovative suit was designed using our most advanced technical materials and construction methods. Our engineers teamed up with the Cavebase Exploration team, who provided insights into the performance and precision needed for different types of technical diving. Cavebase put the X-Mission to the true tests and continues to do so today.

- Slim "cave cut" fit for improved aqua dynamics
- Lightweight low profile plastic dry zipper
- Protective zipper flap
- Removable inflator valve backer pad reduces discomfort as a result of the “squeeze” at depths
- Reinforcement patch for heating system
- 2-layer reinforced pee valve patches on the interior fabric for durability
- Field replaceable suspenders and crotch strap
- Adjustable elastic waist band for a perfect fit
- Anatomically shaped torso, arms and legs
- Large pockets w/ 5 bungee cords (3 regular / 2 thick)
- 2 needle "felled seam" construction increases seam integrity, is low profile and less prone to abrasion and finishes for a clean look
- Flexible double taped reinforcement at "critical wear" seam points for added durability
- Includes 4 point suspenders
- M-PADZ knee protection
- Low profile APEKS valves
- Includes Tech Boots & 2 Tech Pockets
New extremely flexible Nylon RipStop Trilaminate is durable and lightweight: 350 gr/sqm (main) & 420 gr/ sqm (high abrasion areas: lower sleeves, butt, crotch)
Total drysuit weight: 3.4kg including Seals & Boots

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